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Finance for private sector development projects

Funding from construction to completion

We work with developers across the country to help them secure the finance they need to purchase and develop land and property.

Whether you're modernising an existing factory or office block to turn them into residential accommodation or you're building a brand new industrial estate from the ground up, our team of experienced financiers will help you find the funding you need.

We provide capital of between €26,000 up to €250m and support to borrowers throughout the duration of your project from the planning stages right through to completion.

We're able to finance projects at all stages of your project including:

Light development finance

Light development loans are best for significant but mainly aesthetic changes to property - for example, a new central heating system, replacement windows, or a new bathroom or kitchen.

Heavy refurbishment finance

Heavy refurbishment loans are used when a property undergoes some form of structural work or there is a change of use (for example, from a warehouse or office to residential accommodation). Heavy refurbishment finance is also suitable for exempted or permitted developments, attic conversions, property extensions, partial demolitions and rebuilds, new electrics or plumbing, and the movement of internal walls.

Ground up development finance

Developers use ground up finance to fund the purchase of land and project building costs.

In most cases, a finance company will provide up to 70% of the cost of the land and 100% of the cost of the build. However, most funders will not allow you to borrow more than 70% of the estimated future worth of your property following project completion.

Senior debt development finance

With senior debt, your lender takes a first charge over what is often a larger property development (for example, housing estates and student accommodation blocks) in exchange for lower interest rates. Although there are senior debt providers who will work with newer private sector developers, most prefer to work with experienced developers on these sizes of projects.

Stretched senior development finance

Stretched senior development finance is available for more experienced private sector developers whose deposit is lower than would be accepted on a standard development finance loan.

Super stretch senior development finance

Super stretch development finance allows developers to borrow up to 90% of the total costs of a development by combining a stretched senior loan with mezzanine funding from two different sources of funding.

Mezzanine development finance

Sometimes, the deposit you have for a project may not be as large as the deposit required by a development finance provider to start work. On these occasions, our team can find you a mezzanine funder to plug the gap. The mezzanine loan provider will need a second charge over the project before proceeding.

Development exit finance

In order to free up cash for other projects, some private sector development companies use development exit finance (a form of bridging loan). The exit finance is then repaid when the properties have been sold or you arrange a residential or commercial buy to let mortgage.

Build to let development finance

Build to let development have been a growing part of the Irish property scene for over a decade. Build to let developments are intended to provide rental income and therefore units are never sold to tenants or other third parties. A lender would expect you to arrange a residential multi-unit buy-to-let mortgage to repay the development loan.

Commercial development finance

We can help you secure funding for all commercial and semi-commercial property development projects even if you currently do not have a pre-let in place.

Ireland property development finance FAQ

Do any of the lenders on your panel offer equity investments in projects?

A number of family offices are on our lending panel and some do consider making equity investments into private sector development projects.

When presenting a proposal to a family office or private investment financing team, you will normally need to present a detailed business plan outlining the cash, resources, and timescales you require. You will normally be required to surrender some of the shares in your company to investors in your company to achieve funding. They will also likely have ownership of the assets of your company if the project does not work out as intended.

Do you have to offer loan guarantees on a proposed project?

You do not have to offer loan guarantees on most private sector investment property development finance packages.

How and when does development financing need to be paid back?

You pay development funding back differently from the way you repay traditional mortgages and other types of secured loans.

With standard secured financing, you make a monthly repayment to the lender for an agreed amount for an agreed length of time.

With property financing, it's different.

Development finance providers understand that funds are often tight during a construction project and that cash flow management is of particular importance.

Development projects also prone to cost overruns and delays. If the lender was to take monthly repayments, this would deplete your cash reserves increasing the small possibility that your project may run out of money.

Most lenders therefore charge interest during the term of the loan but you only pay the interest together with the capital (the amount you actually borrowed) when the project is completed. If you are interested in making monthly interest repayments, this option is available - please ask our team for more information when you get in touch.

Development loans are paid back when you have either:

  • Sold the property you're developing or
  • Arrange a residential or commercial buy-to-let mortgage on the property with a view to renting it out

Will lenders consider government grants and other official development assistance included on your application?

Our lenders will consider applications for development finance from developers whose projects are also being supported by local or national government grants or through funding agencies like Initiative Ireland.

Can you work with developers with a bad credit history?

When applying for a standard commercial loan, one of the greatest challenges many entrepreneurs have to over come is a bad credit rating.

Lenders are less concerned about company credit ratings on development finance because they have security over the land and property you're developing.

There has been much innovation in recent years in the development finance sector too so we encourage you to contact our team as the chances are that one or more of our lenders will be able to work with you.

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